Of-The-Month Awards (OTMs) are a way to recognize an individual in the Rutgers Community and share this recognition with all of Rutgers as a campus level winner, with the Region as a regional winner or even with the Nation as a national winner. An OTM is a short summary of outstanding accomplishments, impacts, and or contributions made by individuals, organizations, or programs on the Rutgers Campus that is geared towards the residence halls, community or Rutgers University as a whole. Showing a person, an organization, or a specific program that their efforts have been recognized creates an atmosphere for more innovation and a chance to show someone that you appreciate all of their work on a campus, regional, or even national level.

OTM Categories: Advisor, Residential Community, Community Assistant, Executive Board Member, Organization, Resident Assistant, Spotlight*, Student, First-Year Student, Graduate Assistant, Residence Life Faculty/Staff, Institution Faculty/Staff, Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Social Program and Passive Program.

*Spotlight is the category to select when none of the other categories fit a particular nomination*

How to write an OTM!

Let’s go Step by Step

Select a Category

General or Program OTM?

Which Category (An OTM submitted in the wrong category will be removed from that months selection)

Nominee’s Contact Information

Include First & Last Name, email address and Residence Hall at least. (In a Program OTM this is the person in charge.)

The information provided helps to notify him/her if he/she was nominated or won.

Your information as a Nominator

The same information as the Nominee is required. We want to be able to recognize the nominator too!

Provide a short summary/ answer all questions

Make the nominee/program shine

Why do you think this person deserves an OTM for this accomplishment/program?

We asked for a paragraph minimum (4-6 sentences), but remember it is YOUR OTM. Write from the heart and make it a quality OTM. Quality is better than quantity.


The OTM Website is This is the website where an OTM can be submitted for a specific month. A person will have the ability to create an account that saves his/her information and makes it easier to submit additional OTMs, however it is not required. Just click “submit General OTM” or “submit Program OTM” in the top left corner of the website.

Submitted OTMs for an individual, an Organization, or a Program are due on the last day of each month in which the accomplishment nominated has occurred. For example, if there was a fantastic program in Tinsley Hall on March 10th, the OTM must be submitted by midnight on March 31st.

What is a quality OTM?

A quality OTM is when the nominator is able to convey to the voting committee why he/she feels that his/her OTM deserves to be selected. The voting committee wants to know what the nominator finds deserving of the OTM; the real heart of the recognition. Make the nominee shine and stand out!

Have Questions?

Feel free to contact the Director of Recognition: