Recognition, one of our 4 pillars in NRHH, can most nearly be defined as acknowledging and appreciating someone’s achievements, service, and/or contributions towards bettering the community around them. One of the ways that NRHH strives to acknowledge people committed to furthering the development of their community is through our monthly OTMs. OTMs, also known as Of The Months, is a monthly incentive where nominators submit a short summary used to recognize outstanding accomplishments, impacts, and contributions made by an individual, organization, or program on the Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus geared towards the residence halls, community or the university in its entirety. If you want to submit an OTM, please click here to submit your form. Here are the following categories of recognition within the OTMs: Advisor, Residential Community, Community Assistant, Executive Board Member, Organization, Resident Assistant, Spotlight*, Student, First-Year Student, Graduate Assistant, Residence Life Faculty/Staff, Institution Faculty/Staff, Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Social Program, and Passive Program. Further information and a step-by-step breakdown on correctly submitting OTMs can be found by clicking this link.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Director of Recognition at