OTMs are “Of the Months” which are a way to recognize the amazing things going on at your campus. This recognition starts on your campus level and can possibly reach regional and NACURH levels.

There are two types of OTMs (individual and program) that have a number of categories which include a person or program that you would like to nominate. Individual OTMs are a maximum of 600 words and should describe the outsanding accomplishments of an individual within that specific month. Program OTMs allow for various types of programs on campus (which occur within a specific month) to be nominated. These OTMs have specific sections with individual word maximums.

Please refer to the NRHH Policy Book and the NACURH Policy Book regarding the in the NRHH awards section regarding OTM submission eligibility and timeline as well as the full OTM category descriptions.

Need help with submitting OTMs? Check out the guide in the “Resources” section of our website or contact your regional Associate Director for NRHH or the NACURH Associate for NRHH!

Submit an OTM