2023 Bags & Boba

During this open event, members of the Rutgers NRHH chapter and students of the RU-NB population were presented with the opportunity to paint a cloth tote-bag to keep or to donate. The painted bags were to be donated to a chosen organization. The chosen organization for this project was the National Alliance of Mental Illness which is an organization that facilitates programs in order to aid and spread awareness about mental health issue in New Jersey. The donated bags were handed out at NAMI’s annual walk in advocacy for mental health.


Fall 2023 Blood Drive

We collaborated with the New Jersey Blood Donation Service to facilitate our semesterly blood drive this past october. This specific service event occurs every semester. During this past event we were able to collect 66 total units, have 79 Donors Registered, 19 Deferrals, 52 Whole Blood, and 7 Alyx (14 Units).


2023 Women’s Shelter donation/ Library Donation

We donated Blankets and bracelets to local library or local women’s shelter.


Partners for previous service events

  • National Alliance For Mental Illness
  • New Jersey Blood Services
  • Rutgers Residence Hall Association
  • Dog Shelter – Edison Municipal Animal Shelter
  • Homeless Veterans Shelter
  • Elijah’s Promise
  • Rutger Dance Marathon
  • Salvation Army


Service Committee and Current Members

The current Director of Service for 2023-2024 year is Christiana Ntim. Christiana Ntim is a dedicated student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, set to graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, accompanied by minors in Cognitive Science And Health and Society. Her academic journey has been enriched by a range of experiences both in the research and service community of Rutgers.

In her role as Director of Service, she experienced significant personal growth, honing her ability to not only understand her needs but to also communicate and empathize with the needs of those around her. Joining NRHH during her sophomore year, she initially volunteered for a blood drive at BEST, where she gained a profound understanding of the society’s mission. Encouragement from the president and fellow members prompted her to apply, fostering a sense of comfort and belonging. Taking on the position, she dedicated herself to utilizing effective communication with various organizations, and facilitating partnerships for service opportunities for members of NRHH. Despite the demanding nature of the role, she has found it to be a rewarding and exhilarating experience. Christiana emphasizes the importance of early planning and effective communication for successful event coordination.


Service Committee Members

A notable member of the Service Committee is Jada Soto. Majoring in History/Political Science with a minor in Social Justice, Jada Soto is set to graduate in January 2024. A notable highlight in her academic journey includes a summer trip to Japan with Rutgers Global.



One of the current members of the Service Committee is Maya Guennouni. Maya Guennouni is a Political Science major with minors in Spanish and Business & Technical Writing, expected to graduate in May 2026. An interesting tidbit about her is that she has a day named after her in Fair Lawn, dedicated to her contributions to community service.