2016 – 2017 Executive Board


President – Shuting Zhang 

Contact Shuting at: rutgersnrhh@gmail.com


Shuting Zhang is a junior double majoring in Accounting and BAIT(Business Analytics and Information Technology). She served on NRHH Eboard for a year. The reason she joined NRHH is because she love the  individual-focused culture and family environment here. Besides school and NRHH, She also like outdoor activities, such as long-distance walking, rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking.

“I love the fact that NRHH has always been focusing on developing individual’s skills and needs. The collaborative culture of NRHH has created a family type environment and provided leadership opportunities to everyone. In NRHH, you always witness how fascinating a person made a progress and challenged themselves. I feel so proud of them just by seeing they complete a project that they never thought they could. In NRHH, everyday is a learning process. Everyday could have some little challenges. And those challenges never beat you down. It will always move you forward. Because NRHH is a bonding family. We support each other. This is what a family does”.


Vice President – Ashley Huang

Contact Ashley at: runrhhvicepresident@gmail.com

ashContact Ashley at: runrhhvicepresident@gmail.com


Our Vice President is Xinyi Huang (Ashley). She is currently a junior majoring in Finance in Rutgers Business School. She has been involved in NRHH since fall semester of her sophomore year.  She has also been involved in RHA as the associate director of Livingston Campus during her junior year. She is eager to take leadership positions and challenge herself. She is a quick learner. In her free time, she also loves playing the piano, travelling and now she is exploring a new interest–rock climbing. She is a responsible person and she is passionate for helping others and bonding Rutgers community. NRHH has inspired Ashley in both academic and extracurricular activities. Her GPA rose from 3.73 to 3.912 since she was involved in NRHH.

Director of Membership – Arya Zhang

Contact Arya at: runrhhmembership@gmail.com


Arya is currently a junior in Rutgers Business School majoring accounting. She likes movie and outdoor activities. Her goal for NRHH is to make sure that all members are being valued and appreciated for their contribution.


Director of Recognition – Emily Zarych

Contact Emily at: runrhhrecognition@gmail.com


Emily is a senior, Psychology major/Education Minor, in the School of Arts and Sciences. She has been involved in NRHH since spring of her sophomore year. Last year she was appointed as the Director of Recognition during her spring semester. Additionally, Emily was involved in RHA her freshman to junior years. She began as a Hall Government Vice President, continued on to Associate Director of Cook Douglass Residential Council, and last year served as the Executive President of RHA. This year she has expanded her involvement on the regional level by serving as the CAACURH Coordinating Officer for RHA Relations. She plans to continue her involvement at graduate school next year in College Student Affairs.


Director of Service – Dominique Sharpe

Contact Dominique at: runrhhservice@gmail.com


Our Director of Service is Dominique Sharpe-Gordon and she is currently a junior in SAS. Her major is Cognitive Science and she has two minors in Psychology and Spanish. She aspires to be a psychiatrist as her profession. She joined NRHH in the fall of 2015 because she enjoys being a student leader on her campus and she appreciates the values that NRHH stands for. As Director of Service she hopes to impact the New Brunswick/Rutgers community and to lend a helping hand to those in need. She wants to encourage all NRHH members to share the same passion for service that she has.


Director of External Affairs – Vacant


Graduate Advisor – James Forrester

Contact James at: James.forrester@echo.rutgers.edu


Graduate Advisor – Micaela Ensminger

Contact Micaela at: mbe27@echo.rutgers.edu


Professional Advisor – Rachael Padula

Contact Rachael at: Rachael.padula@rutgers.edu